Notice of Annual General Meeting, 2017

This notice is to advise of the 2017 Left Unity AGM to be held on Sunday, 3 December. Officers will be elected and reports received from outgoing officers. This is the event for time-poor comrades desirous of staying up to speed with the work of the association. Membership fees are due for all intending to nominate for an official position. Our funds are low, and payment of dues would be appreciated from as many members and prospective members as possible. Supporters are welcome to attend and vote as per the constitution. The agenda as at 23 November is as follows:

Agenda – Left Unity 2017 AGM

To be held at 1.00 pm on Sunday 3 December
At the King’s Head Hotel, Corner Sturt & King William Streets, Adelaide

Subject to consideration of Other Business @ the conclusion of this Agenda, the items of
business shall be, in random order of importance:

  1. Opening & welcome
  2. Welcome to Kaurna Country
  3. Minutes 2016 AGM
  4. 2017 Convenor’s Report
  5. Deputy Convenor’s Report
  6. Secretary’s Report
  7. Deputy Secretary’s Report
  8. Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report
  9. Election of 5 Organising Group Officers, being Convenor, Deputy Convenor,
    Secretary, Deputy Secretary & Treasurer, as per the Constitution. Nb only financial
    members are eligible to vote & stand for Organising Group positions. Fees due
    immediately prior to vote.
  10. Presentation workshop proposal
  11. Electrickery proposal. Aborting the energy rort campaign.
  12. Education forum proposal
  13. Progress Report ABN & Website
  14. Any Other Business



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