SA Election: Jay Weatherill’s return prospects are too close to call

Jay Weatherill by User:SAvoter2018 (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jay Weatherill (SA Premier, ALP) by User:SAvoter2018

Today is St Pat’s Polling Day and by excellent campaigning against the odds Jay Weatherill has thrown the issue of this genuine multiparty contest into doubt, late polls notwithstanding. No-one in his position could have done more to make the return of a progressive coalition possible. LU members & friends who have not already cast their ballots are encouraged therefore to get out, perform their civic duty and vote to keep the Tory tide at bay. From information received it appears that the best way to get full value from voting may be to vote below the line right through the ballot. So get a Guinness into you and enjoy the festival of democracy!

David Faber, Convener



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