Syria: Bombing not the answer for peace says IPAN SA

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s reckless support for a military strike by the US demonstrates Australia’s lack of independent foreign policy.
A spokesperson for IPAN (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network) said “Surely it’s clear that any military exchange between Russian and US forces threatens the lives of millions.”

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has accepted an invitation from the Syrian government to inspect the region where an alleged chemical weapon attack occurred, demonstrating a willingness to support its claim they had not conducted such an attack. The video showing children being hosed down allegedly from a chemical weapons attack is horrific and needs to be investigated.

If there is proof that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, regardless of who was behind it then there needs to be consequences in the International Court of Justice where crimes against humanity are legitimately dealt with.

What is clear is that a bombing assault on sites in Syria is neither legal, effective or acceptable. The risks of even more innocent people suffering death injury and destruction of homes and the risk that a major powers war could ensue is being recognised internationally.

IPAN spokesperson Stephen Darley calls on the foreign minister and the prime minister to desist in the calls to arms and instead be a voice of reason in calling for all non military means possible to resolve the conflict.

Currently we may be closer to major global conflict than ever, with the US and NATO allies threatening to attack Syria over the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, without waiting for inspectors to investigate (remember Iraq in 2003?). Russia has in turn threatened to target both the missiles AND their launch platforms (US and NATO ships in the Eastern Mediterranean).

UPDATED 14/4/2018:

RALLY @ PARLIAMENT HOUSE from 4.30pm – Saturday April 14

IPAN SA calls for all concerned supporters and the general community to gather on Parliament House steps from 4.30 pm Saturday April 14 following Trump’s announcement that missile attacks are imminent. Citizens are encouraged to voice their opposition to bombing already war-torn Syria, and to demand we Keep Australia Out of US Wars (Foreign Minister Bishop has already voiced support for a NATO attack).



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