About Us

Left Unity is an Adelaide-based network bringing together progressive groups and individuals in joint campaigning around shared goals, while encouraging debate and the exchange of ideas. We call for broad worker and community action to replace the oppressive, exploitative, militaristic, and environmentally destructive capitalist system with a new, sustainable, and democratic society based on solidarity, collective ownership, and direct popular control of the major means of production and distribution.

Left Unity is essentially an activist organisation with the principal aim of mobilizing and training the community at large to campaign for social justice and environmental integrity. To this end, all Members and Supporters are encouraged to actively participate in its campaigns, structures, and discussions.

Left Unity aims to encourage diversity in its membership composition, and actively encourages the involvement of members of oppressed and minority groups. It aims to encourage women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds to take up official positions and roles of leadership and responsibility within the organisation.

Only a mobilization of majorities on a vast scale will transform the current system to one of equity and sustainability. Parliamentary action and change is insufficient as a strategy in this regard, and must therefore always play a minor role in Left Unity politics.